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Spike DM gave Auto Logistics specialists Robinsons a well needed boost in their search rankings for ‘Covered Vehicle Transport’


Recently we were given the task of optimising a dedicated page for Robinsons Auto Logistics based around ‘Covered Vehicle Transport’ and injecting the keyword into the homepage in order to promote the service and improve the sites rankings for the search term. Originally, the site was optimised around ‘Prestige Vehicle Transport’, however the client decided that it would be more beneficial to change this to covered as it is a much more popular search term and if the site was highly ranked for it, it could generate significantly more leads and enquiries.


We recognised that with approximately 96800000 more search results than the previous keyword, we were facing a more competitive market with larger companies. Before we done any work on the site, we searched Google for Covered Vehicle Transport to see where the site appeared in the results prior to any optimisation. We found the Robinsons site 3rd on page 9, which may not sound too bad considering there are about 123,000,000 results – however it’s a known fact that the average web user won’t go past the first five listings on a search engine results page and 95% of web traffic goes to the results on the first page. This leaves only 5% for the entire remaining results, so if you’re ranked on page 9, the chances of receiving any traffic or leads from search results is pretty unlikely.


Our approach to optimising for ‘Covered Vehicle Transport’


Our approach to optimising sites is a lot more in depth than simply scattering a few keywords wherever they can fit into the content of the page and hoping for the best. We write content for actual humans who would be searching for your site and not search engine robots who are coming round to index it. We created content that flows well, is clear and ultimately helpful and informative to someone who would be looking for Covered Vehicle Transport. Instead of solely focusing on keywords, we incorporated synonyms and adjectives that all relate to the main focus of the page to further the quality of the content.


The optimisation doesn’t stop at just the content of the page either, we ensure that we tailor meta information, headings, alt and title tags, as well as file names, external and internal links and much more all to relate back to the content of the page. We also inspect the site to ensure that there are no errors that it would be penalised for, such as a slow page speed, responsive design, non-secure network or robots.txt errors. Once we were are with the optimisation on the site, we then re-submit the URLs of all updated pages to both Google and Bing so that with newly refreshed content, they will be re-indexed.


There’s no definite time scale with SEO due to it being so unpredictable, but within the space of just under a week we have managed to get Robinsons Auto Logistics to rank at the bottom of page 1 for ‘Covered Vehicle Transport’ already! This is a significant improvement with a jump of 7 pages, and we have already seen the improvement with more traffic to the site. We are now working on any small improvements or tweaks we can make to the site in order to give it a little bit more of a boost, and we’re confident that Robinsons will be found on page 1 for ‘Covered Vehicle Transport’ in no time.


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