Email Supply

Email Supply

Give your emails that personal touch

All Emails hosted by SpikeDM will be linked to your own domain name rather than the standard domain of another provider such as Gmail or Hotmail.

Having a personalised email address can have great benefits when your domain name is appropriately linked to your business, this will then be attached to any email communication you send out, not only making you appear more legitimate but also subtly advertising the services that you provide in a non-intrusive way.

All you need is a domain name

You don’t need an existing website to get up and running with a personalised email.

All you need is an appropriate domain name that isn’t already linked to the mail service of another platform.

It’s even okay if you have a website hosted somewhere else using the same domain name.

All you need is a domain name to get your own email address
Quick set up email supply

Quick Setup

If you need something set-up quickly, a member of our team can have your emails up and running within a day or so of your domain name being pointed to our servers.

Multiple Emails, One Inbox

Want multiple email addresses but don’t want to have to manage several different inboxes?

With our Email alias service we can set you up multiple email addresses that that use the same inbox, giving you the flexibility of multiple email addresses but without any of the hassle of managing multiple inboxes.

Emails with multiple inboxes
Dedicated web design agency

Dedicated Support

A reliable email service is very important when it comes to the day to day running of a business. This is why should you have any issues, we believe you should have a support line to call where you can speak to a member of our team and know that the issue is being handled.

We are proud to say that 99% of issues are fixed the same limiting down time.

Access your emails on the go

All of our email addresses can be synced to your devices so you can send and receive emails wherever you are.

This is an easy process that can be done by you if you have technical knowledge, or as part of our set-up service a member of our team will setup and sync your devices.

Access your emails on the go


Can I have email adresses without owning a domain name?

Yes, there are lots of free email providers out there, but these will not have the corporate branding to match your website name or your company name. Having an email address that reflects your business and company name is a professional way to portray your business to clients for a minimal cost.

How many email addresses can I have?

You can have as many emails as you need. You pay per email account and this can be anything before the @domainname.ext

Can I have these email addresses linked to my phone?

Yes, our emails utilise IMAP technology and this means they will be synchronised across all devices where the email account is setup.

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