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SpikeDM is a leading web design agency based in Northampton, UK working with a vast range of clients from start-ups to leading manufacturing brands. Trading since 2002 we have established a heavy working knowledge of the industry and are constantly perusing new and exciting ways to help improve our skillset and provide exponential service and design standards in this competitive and ever-changing digital market.

At Spike Design and Marketing we ensure that at the forefront of building websites is showcasing your brand, by sourcing your business colours, theme and sector we can help captivate your audience and embody your mission statement. For a small start-up company, freelancers and substantial organisations alike, we have a variety of solutions that are applicable to all size businesses.

Get Found On Search Engines

Ensuring you get the best results from our bespoke website build we fully optimise your site by utilising several analytics applications and software which paired with our targeted specific keywords and altered Meta information and targeting alt tags which are strategically sourced results for maximum performance and efficiency to boost your site to the top of leading search engines such as Google, Bing, and Firefox.

Get found on search engines
Responsive cheap websites from spikedm web design Corby

Looks Great On All Devices

With the ever-growing trend of mobile and tablet users currently above 61% we understand that a responsive website is a must so we have adapted our approach to ensure a seamless transition from desktop to a mobile and tablet friendly site, in doing this we can ensure that a search engine will be 70% more likely to recommend you to a mobile user searching for the implemented optimised SEO.

Built for your target demographic

At Spike Design and Marketing we have a diverse staff all of which have their specific leading attributes that when put together, help to ensure the best possible design and marketing solution for your business or organisation. Using the current techniques, platforms, and technologies, we create sites that are tailored to appeal to your target demographic.

Built for your target demographic

Search Engine Optimisation

We make sure to truly encapsulate your brand theme, colours, and sector of work into the site with a precise attention to detail we go above and beyond to generate a truly bespoke site by also researching your competitor’s sites, search ranking and SEO and learning from all the information available and doing this we can effectively and efficiently execute a bespoke website that should captivate your audience and hopefully scale the customer base and potentially increase customer retention.

Working closely with our clients we help build their brand by developing a professional, modern and bespoke website that is easy to use and is immersive enough to hold customers by keeping the content and visual aspects of the site engaging, appropriate and precise. Your website needs to be fast, reliable, easy to read and informative in order to thrive in the hectic world of the internet, from photographers, freelancers, hoteliers, manufacturers or trade alike we can build a bespoke website to fit with many features that may be applicable to showcase and encapsulate your work.

Content managed websites Corby northamptonshire

Our bespoke Flexible Builder

At the forefront of innovation, we have been developing a simple builder that enables you to customise your site after we have designed, build and packaged it up for you. Including a bespoke user interface that leaves you with a bespoke site that you can add to with no coding skills required yet with our builder we have retained the coding side for users who are a little more tech-savvy

Update an Existing Site

We can also uplift your current site if need be and while revamping your site we will help improve your SEO, Domain Authority and specifically Page Authority (this means the higher your authority is, the search engines are more likely to bump your website to the top of the page) by changing images over, swapping the layout around, maybe edit some of the text and revamping the SEO, this will result effectively into an evolved site that your current and existing customers will notice and appreciate and engage more organically with

Updates to existing websites
Your website is your greatest tool

Your Website is Your Greatest Tool

The capabilities of websites in this day and age have grown exponentially and your small business can be transformed into a huge corporation with just a few clicks from your essential marketing company. By using Data Science we can research, implement and gain you a customer base by understanding your target demographic and designing a site with targeted SEO.

Web Design Made Easy!

Based in Corby, East Midlands, we are a leading competitor for web design in Northamptonshire. Between Corby to Kettering we have made a name for ourselves as one of the most efficient, reliable and easy to manage marketing companies available. Through the design process we have it worked out to ensure complete transparency and we are not limited to web design, our diverse team also specialise in graphic design for online and offline media, we offer a 1 day turnover for print media, we offer letterheads, logo design, brochures, stationery and many more throughout the UK so if you’re looking for a web design specialist in Corby, Leicester, Northampton or online then get in touch and find out what we can do for you.


Do you supply emails?

SpikeDM has a dedicated email supply service, that allows you to have email accounts related to your domain name. Find out more here >>

Can I have my website hosted by a different provider?

Yes, while you can have your website hosted by another provider, we would recommend against this as we can not guarantee the quality of those servers or the functionality that would be available.

Will I be able to edit my website's content?

We typically make “Content Managed Websites this means you can login and change your content through an easy-to-use interface, without any coding knowledge.

However, if you do not wish to update your website content regularly, we also do non content managed websites which require less maintenance.

Will my new website rank at the top of google?

Your website ranking depends on a wide variety of factors. When we create your website, we will make sure each page is fully optimised and follows best practices, but this is just part of the puzzle. Your website’s google ranking requires a lot of continuous work and regular content updates.

If you want to improve your website’s ranking, we have a SEO service available where we develop a bespoke SEO strategy for your website using target key words. We will work with you over time to organically develop your content to gradually raise your website’s ranking across all search engines.

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