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Designing a cost effective logo that will set you apart from the rest of the market

Having a logo that stands out is vital in today’s business world. With the dawn of the digital age it has never been easier to start a business and start developing a brand, this has lead to a lot more competition amongst businesses for consumer attention. SpikeDM’s logo design team can help you stand out from the crowd with a clean and thoughtful logo design that uniquely describes your business and brand.

Does your Business need a new logo or an existing logo revamped? We will meet with you to help discuss and distill your business/brand down into its key components. Our logo design team will then take these key components and craft several different logo designs based around these key points. You will the have the opportunity to review these designs and choose the concept that you like the most to get developed into your final company logo.

A logo that stands out

Your logo is possibly the single most important part of your brand. It is how consumers will recognise your companies. Most successful companies have a logo that is instantly recognisable and unique to them. Our design team understands the importance of this. So we will work closely with you to create a clean and focused logo design that still closely represents your company and what you do.

Logos that stand out
Logos for small businesses

Logos for local businesses

SpikeDM likes to work with local businesses in Corby and around the Northamptonshire area, helping them improve their brand and marketing strategy. Part of this is working with companies to extract their core business values and use these key ideas to develop them a visually striking logo that truly represents their business and brand.

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Our Logo Design Process

We have developed a simple design process so our customers can have the best experience possible…

Step 1 - Listen

Design we listen

Like any design process, we speak to you first. We try and get an insight on the design route you would like to take your companies logo down, and anything that you have in mind that you would want to include.

Step 2 - Create

Design we create

We then create a various amount of logos, keeping your desires in mind and coupling them with different styles, colours and images to eventually have a handful of logos that we feel are perfect for your business.

Step 3 - Deliver

Design we deliver

Once we are satisfied with the logos that we have created for you, we will place them all into a proof sheet and send them off to you. Once you have reached a decision, we can then have a discussion of which logo we are going to use, and make any further adjustments to the one of your choice - so you are 100% happy with the end product.

What makes an effective logo design?

Every effective logo design has to be 3 key things, Simple, Unique and Striking.

Logos often only have a few seconds to be seen, so if they are too complicated it becomes too difficult for consumers to recognise. Simple logo designs are much easier to process in a short amount of time making them much more effective.

There are Tens of thousands of logo designs out there, a good logo has to be unique, if a logo looks too much like the logo for another well known brand it will often end up bringing that brand to the consumer’s mind rather than its own brand. Unique logos, make sure to only represent their own brand.

Amongst the sea of competition, logos are all thrown into the global marketing mix. If a logo design is anything short of striking then it runs the risk of getting lost in the mix and not capturing the attention of consumers.

At SpikeDM we understand these 3 core principles of logo design and we will work with you to help create a logo that evenly combines these rules into a truly outstanding logo design worthy of your brand.

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