Email marketing

Email Marketing

Effective and Measureable Electronic Communication

Communicate via Email Marketing to the right people at the right time

SpikeDM offers a full email marketing package from email design and content generation to the sending and reporting back analysis. We ensure that we engage the right people with your important business message.

With our experience we ensure your email marketing campaign is tested so smallest flaw can be irradiated. SpikeDM ensures the best chance of emails reaching a prospect customers inbox.

15+ years experience

With our experience email marketing will deliver the correct content to prospects at the most vital time in the buying cycle.

Spikedm has over 15 years marketing experience
Analytics tools for email marketing

Analytics Tools

SpikeDM has a range of e-marketing tools that will measure the performance of the campaign. This allows us to identify a clear, efficient strategy for future campaigns.

With our experience we know the best results come when you use email marketing alongside other media outlets.


Do you supply mailing lists?

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Can email marketing be seen as spam?

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How will I know how effective a campaign is?

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